Service & Repair

We offer a range of service options depending on your bicycle type and level of work that needs to be carried out.  We can also offer repairs of specific areas and building of new bicycles that you have purchased elsewhere.

We do not generally operate an appointment or diary system, simply drop your bike off to us. However, we do often get very busy which can result in increased lead-times and shortage of space so it is best to CALL OR EMAIL so we can then advise as to the best time to bring your bike along, to avoid unnecessary journeys. 

When you come in we will give your bike a quick assessment and agree with you what work needs to be done and an estimate of cost and timescale. 

If we discover additional works needing to be done whilst carrying out the service we will contact you for authorisation before going ahead with anything extra.

Basic Service

A Basic service gives your bike a breath of fresh air by checking your bike for safety, adjusting gears and brakes (this includes the labour for replacing pads or cables) general adjustments on the bike and a lube up.


Deluxe Service

A deluxe service checks your bike for saftey, adjusting gears and brakes general adjustments on the bike and a lube up. Included in the deluxe service is a headset service* an in the bike wheel true and the fitting of transmission parts (cassette, chain, crank or bottom bracket).

*Headset service only when transmission parts are not fitted. Surcharge applied otherwise.


Ultimate Service

Give your bike a big hug with our ultimate service. It includes everything our basic and deluxe service includes as well as servicing all servicable bearings, wheel truing, all part replacements and minor augmentations. This is the Ultimate treat for your bike!


Fixie / Single Speed Service

Our single speed service consists of setting up the brakes, lubing all moving parts, checking tyres/replacing tubes, safety checking the bike and minor part replacement.


Childs Basic Service 

Our child service is for any child under 13* it checks the safety of the bike, adjusts brakes, pumps the tires, and gives the bike a lube. 

£15.00 ( No Gears) 

£25.00 (With Gears)

Bike Builds

Assembly of Internet supplied bikes 'out of the box'. 

Prices from £25.00


Please Note:

Due to limited storage space we would ask all customers to collect their bikes within 7 days of being notified of completion of works.

Bikes not collected after this time will be placed into storage and we reserve the right to charge a £3 a day storage charge.

Bikes not collected after 2 months will be sold, in an attempt to recover losses incurred.